You guys keep coming back, following me in the life and times of being an interior designer – Thank-you! The support really is appreciated, not going to get mushy on you but I just wanted you to know I really am chuffed people are coming back every week. Writing doesn’t come easily to me, I’m definitely more of a visual person but I wanted the blog to share my interior design life and loves and four months after kicking off, Google figures suggest a regular audience of lovely faces, so, yeah, a thank-you from me was in order. Feel free to tell your friends too of course and if you’re on instagram you can find me here.

Now then, this Friday I am off to Maison de Objet in Paris. It’s the go to trade treasure mecca for all things interior design fabulous. Three days of hot footing it round conference halls to take in the latest designs and make new contacts. I can’t wait! Needless to say, next week I’ll be giving you the low down on my favourite finds.

The discovery of fabulous home finery and the quest for new contacts leads me on perfectly to this week’s post topic…

Why you should hire an Interior Designer

I do love a list so here’s a few points to chew over…

10. You will re-claim your down time

We’re working harder than ever these days, weekends should be enjoyed with family and friends. Instead of endless trips to the DIY store or getting covered in paint only to find out you haven’t got enough. Get the experts in, a designer will assess and design and make your money go further, leaving you time to enjoy the little things.

9. You get exactly what you want

Ok, so you decide to take on the project yourself. How many  of these has at some point applied to you?…

  •  Not quite got round to finish cutting in the skirting boards, next week definitely?…
  • I really need to take those curtain up and hang them this weekend or worse, you’ve mis-calculated, adjusted them and they’re too small.
  • I wish we could get those new prints framed and hung but I need to move those others?
  • I love the new bathroom tiles but we should have moved the radiator before, I’ve lost interest now and I cant be bothered to paint..
  • I loved our sofa in the old place but it just doesn’t look right in here, I don’t know what it needs?..

You get the idea. Unfinished, unloved, un-interested! You start off full of beans and as things don’t work out as you’d hoped, the project doesn’t quite make it past the line. By hiring an interior designer, you get exactly what you want. They take time to listen and understand your needs and translate a vision into glorious reality.

8. You get proper planning and preparation 

Once a designer has established the brief we can plan and budget. Every step is communicated, agreed and signed off. We take charge of the sanctity of your home, nothing is left to chance, risk is removed. The concept is presented and agreed, the space if planned out. Scale drawings give true visual representation, finishes and furniture are meticulously checked. Contracts are signed and adhered to. Budgets are monitored and each step is methodically worked through, leaving you, stress free to enjoy the unique experience.

7. You benefit from working with an expert

Bought a sofa and it didn’t fit? A rug that was too small? Painted a wall and the colour was not what you expected? It’s your time, money and stress and what could be more intimate and important than our home. We use estate agent professionals for selling and buying our homes and solicitors to manage the process, why not have an interiors expert get the most from your intimate home space that’s tailored to you. It’s likely to be your biggest single investment,  acing spaces is our game, get the experts in and get happy.

6. Your home gets the WOW factor

There’s no doubt we all love the WOW factor and are impressed by it, it leaves an imprint not easily forgotten. A good Interior Designer will provide you with the most up to date finishes and furniture often not available on the highstreet and with their trade discounts for a lot less than you might think. They will pull together a home curated entirely to suit your needs and personality that will undoubtably shout WOW from the rooftops, walls and floors. Once your home has the wow factor, it’ll make you proud, be the talk of all your friends and be a sound investment for years to come.

5. You get access to the best contacts

Excellent tradesmen properly co-ordinated and managed = stress free top quality finish on time in budget

Trade accounts = access to discounts and products not available on the highstreet

Bespoke home tailoring = un-rivalled exclusivity created specifically for you and your home.

4. You get a Happy Home

You should already be thinking harmonious happy home from what you’ve read so far but just incase…  An interior designer will carefully combine the needs and desires of those in habiting the space, review in line with the opportunities and restrictions imposed upon it, infuse with good energy and create a space that will boost the wellbeing and happiness of all those that live within.

3. You will save money

In the long run, there’s no doubt an interior designer will save you money. Our fees are well earnt by the trade discounts we negotiate and experience we bring to a job. You quite often get what you pay for in life so don’t scrimp on your home. In the words of Loreal, You’re Worth It!

2. Have fun

Having an expert convert your needs and desires into your dream home while they manage the process from start to finish is super exciting. You can’t buy it in the shops, you can’t copy it from the neighbours, you can’t find it in a magazine or on a website. It’s unique to you. All the stress and worry removed means you can sit back and enjoy and service and the best bits.

 1. Get more than you imagined.

You know what you want, and what you don’t and we help you make it a reality. For me though, I like to give my clients that bit more. Push them just outside the realms of their comfort zone so by the time you’re finished, they’re not sure if it’s the amazing chair you found at a trade show or antique store, the bespoke light box that brings an ambient glow they didn’t know existed or a colour scheme they’d never have dared. The combination though wins you the kind of job satisfaction that only making people happy in their homes can bring. For that, I’m so glad I get the chance to make it happen.

Over and out folks, reporting back next week with treasures galore from Paris…

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