If you’re not getting far out on new years resolutions, detoxing, or planning holidays to distract from the grey weather, you might be thinking about some sharp new home looks.

New year home pimping, a refresh, an update, a new look, even a move maybe? Come on, its the new year, be bold and try something different. Your home should reflect you and your personality so whilst it’s all good and well to follow the trends, find ones that work for you that resinate with your own personal style, not because a magazine, a website or some celebrity says so.  Be unique, the most interesting interiors always are.

Combine the following in your own unique recipe ratio and you’ll be ready to get going…

2016 COLOUR TRENDS – Think about colours you love and naturally gravitate to and how you want to feel in the space and it’ll give you a good steer. Interior design colour trends are always born on the catwalk so here’s what Pantone are predicting for 2016.

Pantone Colour Report 2016

Pantone Colour Report 2016

WHITE – Envokes tranquility and mindfulness. Go for chalky soft shades for a softer vibe.

BLACK –  A little or alot, it always ups the style stakes.

GREY – Get the compass fired up on your phone, know the orientation of the room and you can make the natural light available work to is best.  Undertones in the huge selection of greys on the market contribute significantly to the ambience of the space and how light affects the subtle nuances of the tones you select.

Grey is the favourite go to newtral very much having it’s moment and has been for some time.  It’s flattering, easy to work with, feels contemporary and is a canvas for just about any colour combination. However, UK natural light is largely grey, dull and cool so depending on whether your room is North, South, East, West or a combination, here’s some handy pointers to consider to whittle down your shades of grey to those best suited to you.

4 shades of grey

4 shades of grey

I hope that’s given you some handy pointers and means you can start pulling ideas together for some super cool 2016 new home looks.

Have a great week and if there’s anything you’d like to see featuring on the blog this year, give me a shout, I’m here to help and would love to hear from you.

Take care folks. Rx


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