Happy New Year Everyone! Starting as we mean to go on, today is about getting your declutter on. You might also have noticed it’s been a while since my last post as I had a bit of festive incident. It put my pre Christmas preparations right out the bare or badly dressed window and no-one likes to see that.

I’m very fond of Christmas and as with most things tend to get very involved in the activity at hand.

It wasn’t my finest moment and I can laugh about it now but sashaying round the rollar disco on the Southbank on 12th December, I went and broke my wrist, in four places.

A few days after the event, an operation was required to add a plate and screws. You couldn’t make this stuff up.  Today, I’m off to have my stitches out and to see a hand specialist. I’m praying to the new year gods of good will karma I will not need a further operation for ligament damage suggested as a possibility by the Consultant on my last visit.

That aside, all is well, great infact. I finished 2015 with my first round of PR, including a front cover no less for High In Style. Needless to say, this has set the benchmark rather high so I had better be pulling out the design stops this year and I sure intend to. Thank-you again to Karolina and the guys at High In Style, what an honour to make their December cover.

New client pitches are all systems go for 2016. Watch this space.

Now then, since typing’s not been my strong point for the last few weeks and I needed to get a post out, I thought I’d call in some expert advice for new year de-cluttering. Ali P please stand up.

Ali recently started reading Marie Kondo’s book on getting organised and kindly wrote this piece to help me bridge my blog gap and share some useful info for starting the new year as you mean to go on.

Thanks Ali! I owe you one, over to you…

Stuff! So much stuff EVERYWHERE!

Receiving presents is wonderful. But when everyone in the house receives a tonne, all those new things can make everything feel a bit cluttered at this time of year. Especially if the Christmas decorations are still up too.

As an obsessively tidy person, I’ve recently started The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying by Marie Kondo, hoping it will give some tips on maintaining an uncluttered home.

The book is an easy, enjoyable read. Marie Kondo’s tone is encouraging and she gets positively excited discussing her methods. The main crux of the book is to tidy and declutter by category. And, while you’re contemplating your 64 pairs of socks or 25 tea towels, if they don’t spark “joy”, get rid.

So far I’ve applied this to my underwear drawer (it sparked no joy looking at underwear that was two sizes too small!), clothes and toiletries. It’s a drop in the ocean, but it’s been incredibly liberating. Looking in drawers and cupboards you open every day, only to see a load of stuff you don’t like is quite joyless. Now when I open my wardrobe, all I see is stuff I want to wear. It sounds so simple, but I’d never considered this method.

Doing it by category works because it helps you see how much you have of each item and realise what a ridiculous hoarder you’ve become. And, you have to be ruthless. No excuses.

Marie Kondo is kind, though and gives you several months to complete decluttering your house. In my home, it’s probably going to take a while longer than that, and it will for you if you too can’t devote 100 per cent of your free time to it. But it’s doing it that counts.

To summarise:

Put all your stuff in categorised piles

Ebay, freecycle, give to charity or throw away anything that doesn’t spark joy

Be ruthless

Don’t give up

And there you have it. A clutter-free home forever.

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