Four weekends left till Christmas and you might have noticed the Black Friday media barrage. The internet’s on fire today with people on a shopping mission, I can’t even imagine the frenzy on the highstreet, those bargains sure better be good to make up for the riotous hustle and bustle going on.

While everyone’s on a mad shopping quest for the ultimate bargain, I’m thinking about seasonal festive decor and setting the scene for Christmas merriment. I love decorating my home for Christmas. I usually get in the mood by donning my favourite Christmas jumper, have some cinnamon, clove and orange oil burning or something piney and a wee drop of ginger wine, maybe mulled. I have girlfriends or family over and we make a social occasion of decorating the tree and getting in the festive spirit. I love it, everyone gets involved, I definitely get too far out on exactly where to put decorations on the tree, but when we’re done, it always feels so much cosier.

Soon enough we’ll be rumaging round in the loft getting our decorations down.

If you’re looking to update or perhaps add to your festive ornaments, I thought you might be interested in the on trend look for Christmas 15.

If you live in the UK, I’ll give you a clue and I’m guessing you’ll have already seen this year’s John Lewis ad?

The title is ‘Man on the Moon’ so that should give you a pretty good idea…

Space baby! The cosmic sky at night. Stores in the UK and US are rocking out cosmic style. Everything from starry sky patterns to glittery star bursts.

If you really want to get into the nitty gritty and make sure you’re right on trend, you should seek out stars made from wire or super uber mega sparkly silvery stars with uneven points. 

Without further adue, here’s a retail round up of my favourite festive on trend adornments…

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

  1. Gold tone 3d star Christmas Bauble £4.95  from Liberty’s
  2. COSMOS Set of 3 Gold Star Christmas Tree Decorations – £8.00 Habitat
  3. Set of 2 Gold Porcelein Star & ball baubles £6.50 – Rocket St George
  4.  Different perspective Acrylic Starburst Decoration Green – £2.50 – John Lewis
  5. Anngarsk Multi-Coloured Christmas Star Decoration £30.00 – Habitat
  6. Large Silver Sparkle Christmas Decoration – £12.50  – The Conran Store
  7. Geometric Star Decoration – £12.95 Harrods
  8. Triflora – Metal Star Hanger – £15.75 – Selfridges
  9. Polaris Set of 4 Gold Star Christmas Tree Decorations – £20 Habitat


Starry lights

  1. 45cm Warm White Rope Light Star Silhouette Connectable 72 LED‘s £13.99  –
  2. Star Fairy Lights £10.00 – Urban Outfitters
  3. COSMIC Gold Glass Battery operated 15 LED bauble – £9.50 -Habitat
  4. Brass & Glass Star Tea Light Holder 20x20x5.5cm – £19.95 – Rocket St George
  5. 60 LED White Function Star – £19.99 – The Range

How’s that for star struck. There’s something there for traditionalists and those that like a more modern feel.

Whilst I love having a tree, I like to hang decorations round the room too. Not all out Santa’s Grotto, keep it glam and sophisticated by having a theme – pick a shape or a few colours.

Christmas brings out my traditionalist decor side, so I’m not a big fan of pink and teal baubles. Usually I’ll go for a red, green & gold combo with white lights – but you could chose colours to match the room on the tree? Reign it in, I’m all for more is more but carry the theme or colour round to avoid it looking like the Christmas gift department at the end of Black Friday in Selfridges.

Here’s some ideas for spreading the festive cheer round the room..

Hung on Christmas decorations

This year I want to create my own Christmas window display and I don’t believe you need to always a spend a fortune to pull off the lux look. Infact, I’m going to make it my mission this weekend to make some festive window decorations for less than a tenner! If you follow me on Facebook or instagram you’ll know I’ve already made a start.

On Monday I’ll share the how to along with everything you need to make you’re own and then if you fancy it, you’ve got plenty of time to set about making your own.

I’ll start a Pinterest page too and if you do decide, post pictures and share your creative festive home magic ideas around.

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations

Just before I go, I forget this say this but the links I post on my blog are to help you if you decide to buy. They are not sponsored, it’s all me, stuff I like, find and want to share. If that was ever not the case, of course I’d tell you.

Have a lovely weekend and if you want a head start on Monday, get down to your local park and find a really big stick and get some shiny card  🙂

Thanks for stopping by. Rx

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