On Friday I said I’d do lux Christmas decorations for under a tenner. Whilst I do believe you can do lux for less, wish I’d been less specific on a tenner, then you could have decided for yourself and hopefully been pleasantly surprised with what you can do on a budget.

Here’s the materials I purchased and prices.

From Poundland

2m Clear LED Lights Battery operated x 3 = £3.00

From The Range

A4 Gold card                                                     =£1.00

A4 Silver Card                                                  =£1.00

A4 Glitter Card                                                =£1.99

5m Bead +Stars garland                               =  £1.79

TOTAL = £8.78

Now before I go any further, there’s a few other things you’re going to need I’m assuming you’ll have. Otherwise there’s £1.22 left towards it anyway, don’t go spending it all at once mind! Bits and pieces to gather together as follows…

Glue, scissors, ruler, pencil, sellotape, batteries, invisible string (try nylon fishing wire)  – ok maybe you won’t have this but…

what you need...

The only thing missing here is the really big stick. It was a happy coincidence the phone battery died at the park as I found it and then set about carrying home a 4m tree branch.

Now, I’m not saying you need a 4m stick, that’s up to you. My lux for less decorations were planned for my big window so, a really big stick was required, naturally.

Here it is in the window before I got started.

stick in windowI could have shown you the picture of my husband helping me put the stick up but then I’ve have to tell you about the debate that went on about where to drill pilot holes into the ceiling for the screw hooks to go into? What, was that you yawning?.. Yes that’s why I’ve left it out.  You see, DIY causes arguments, that’s why everyone should use Interior Designers. How have I got onto a shameless plug? OK sorry, back to post…

So, you want your stick above a window really so you can hang your lux for less decorations on it, genius. I’ve used a few screw hooks so there will be some plaster repair when they come down but this is why it’s good to keep excess paint after you’ve decorated.

Now to getting cosmic far out with the DIY stars. Oh, and if you were one of the lovely people to like and give such positive feedback to the Facebook picture I posed last week of me making the stars – THANKS!


Here’s the how to folks…

How to make Christmas stars

How to make Christmas stars 2

I made two different sizes of stars. One half from a square made from an A4 sheet and a whole smaller star from the off cut.

Whilst I bought the glitter card, I only used the gold and silver sheets. The coloured stars I haven’t used, so technically you can do two big displays from the 30 sheets of A4 card I purchased.

Reigning in the colour palette makes it feel less playful, not so busy. Great for decorating a kids room, not so much my lounge. I went for gold and silver, I mean what says lux more than gold and silver right?..

star struck at Christmas

Ok, I included a little black glittery one too but a bit of black always looks glam. Not bad for £8.58, even if i did have to carry a massive 4m stick home.

window stars2

That’s it from me now folks. Hope you like my less for lux decorations and enjoy making yours. Have a great week Rx



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