Morning, hope you had a great weekend? Mine was mix of fun, family, friends and loads of food, need to get a good few runs in this week.

I was reading this weekend that in nature and art, symmetry is associated with perfection and regarded the most beautiful. Which is funny really, because you could say that some homes are artfully designed and styled, and for me, it’s always the asymmetrical ones that are the most beautiful.

Interesting, cool and intriguing, beautifully effortless. That’s how I’d describe a space has been properly, asymmetrically aced. The point is, it doesn’t have to be symmetrical to be beautiful.

Symmetry in interior design achieves a more formal contrived look, when we see a room, we take it in a whole and if it’s equally balanced it’s quick and easy for our brains to compute. If a serious look is what you’re after, you want equal quick and easy balance, it’s easier to achieve. Not my kinda vibe at all though.

This look is often favoured when you have a fireplace with windows either side like the picture below or patio doors centrally positioned.

formal lounge

found in
For me when you walk into a room layered with cool stuff, a feast of fine funishings, clustered together, weighted here and there but maintaining an overall balance, this to me feels way more intriguing because there’s no doubt getting it right requires more work and careful thought. Grouping items in contrasting shape and scale, ensuring your eye really has to travel round the room, taking it all in, has so much more personality and interest than a mirror imaged console with two lamps or chairs either side of a coffee table.

You can tell stories better this way too. For instance in my hall,  I’ve got a picture, plate and sign all hanging on the wall above a deep cupboard. They’re all different sizes and shapes but clustered together they balance just right. The Mr&Mrs sign is not something I would just go out and buy but this was a gift from our wedding and the bowl, picture and little camels were bought on our honeymoon. On top of the cupboard I’ve grouped items picked up on weekends away so the over all look is balanced and they all belong together.

Mix it up, make it interesting, balance your visual weights around and it’ll have a far more unique casual relaxed feel to it.

A gathered grouping

Happy Monday folks, have a good one. Rx


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  • Lauren Jenkins

    Great post, Becky. Love what you’ve done with your front room- it’s got a fresh kind of bohemian-chic look to it. Think it’s a good reflection of how you can keep your interiors true to your style and personality without it looking cluttered and out of control 🙂

    • Rebecca Lindon

      Thanks Lauren for your lovely comment. Your home should be a unique style statement reflecting your personality back at you, I hide the clutter in a kitchen drawer 😉


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