I love 3d and textured wall surfaces, they’re an important feature winning part of making a layered statement in your home. A bit of gruff with the smooth. Like the patchwork, pattern or print you wear over the classic well tailored basics, it brings interest to the eye. When I did my renovation I wanted to merge the outside in and went for un-calibrated slate over the fireplace. It’s a timeless classic and in the scheme of how much you can spend on such adornments it’s pretty reasonable.

3D wall interest

Marcel Wanders is a dutch design hero and behind Frozen Garden wall cladding,  available in black or white it’s a whimsical wonder of elegant sophistication in italian made tiling.  I had a client in Maida Vale with a stunning mansion block apartment who shared the love, but didn’t want to shell out big bucks that would pretty much cover the cost of her lounge re-design, so, she got me in instead.

Frozen Garden Tiles

Challenged with finding something similar but within budget, I discovered these 3d bamboo and sugarcane tiles. They’re eco friendly, easy to install, waterproof and offer acoustic and thermal insulation, plenty of added value features and absolutely ideal for covering walls with imperfections.

Budget and eco-friendly wall tiles

Budget and eco-friendly wall tiles

Here’s a work in progress picture, we used a laser line to maintain accuracy and decorators caulk to get a seamless look before painting in matt emulsion.

Maida Vale lounge | 3d bamboo tiles

Little Green’s basalt brought out dramatic elegance with city sophistication. The geometric design gives another dimension and combined with the vibrant artwork and grain of the sideboard it’s twisted take on modern traditional.

Think about bringing in another dimension of fabulous to your home with some 3 D wall action. Natural materials like stone or timber bring warmth and cosiness. Wrap traditional wood cladding round the ceiling for a really seamless look with nature but keep the decor neutral and add pops of colour to keep the vibe modern. If the space is small and ceilings low, install vertically rather than diagonally, the eye will travel up and over rather than along and round making it feel smaller. This picture has exposed beams and boards and has such an inviting homely feel to it without feeling rustic, the simple decor harmonises and feels airy clean chic and serene.(picture from lovelylife.se)


If you’re after an ultra modern look, try these geometric tiles that fit seamlessly together. The light and shadow give them such dramatic edgy coolness, they’d sure make a wow hallway statement. Add an elegant console with maybe a Louis Kalff lamp to bring a little retro glamour and you’re done.

3d geometric wall tiles

Here’s a few of my current favourites, with where to buy and pricing.

3d wall surfaces

  1. Geometric tiles from Design Street.co.uk | £190.00 per m2
  2. Frozen Garden Black by Marcel Wanders at Yorkshire Design Associates | £169.20 per m2
  3. Jagger from Wonderwall.studios.com | prices start at £195.00 per m2
  4. Multi colour slate split face mosaic tile rock panels from Rooms2Floors | £22.95 per m2

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Have a lovely weekend – Happy Friday folks Rx

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